UTILITIES:  become tenant’s responsibility the day their lease begins.  (not when they physically move in)  Set up these accounts in advance of the lease-start date, simply tell them when your lease begins; you will only be obligated from that date on.  Please remember, any bill that arrives at our office, still in the landlord’s name, will result in a $10 penalty, per bill, to tenants.     

For those of you sharing a lease; house-mates should “put their heads together” now and decide which utility will be in which person’s name.   It can be as simple as putting all your names in a hat and drawing for assignments.  If you are having difficulty choosing, this method works equally well in making room assignments.

  • MAINTENANCE: email -  FIXIT@LHXPROP.COM  Report problems directly to office staff during business hours (Mon - Fri,  11-5:30)  740-592-5036.  Before or after office hours and on weekends, problems may be reported via answering service at 740-592-5036 (secondary answering service is 740-592-4215); leave a clear message that includes name, address, call back number, plus description of problem.  Maintenance crew work-day ends at 4 p.m. on weekdays; anything reported later in the day, may not receive immediate attention.      

  • GAS: phone Columbia Gas 1-800-344-4077 to set up service.  A security deposit is required.   

  • ELECTRIC:  1-800-672-2231 - American Electric Power.  A security deposit is required.  

  • WATER:  City of Athens now requires water bills stay in landlord’s name.   If your lease specifies you are responsible for water/trash, you do not have to set up this utility; there is no deposit.  We have arranged to have the bill mailed directly to you each month.  Payment should be mailed or dropped off to the water department, to the address listed on their statement. 

  • TRASH / RECYCLING:   Trash pick-up and recycling fee is included in the city water bills.   Containers should be taken to the curb early (sunrise) on your trash day.  FYI,  once trash is picked up , containers should  be promptly returned to their storage place (no later than afternoon)   Garbage pick up day for your residence can be found on this list,

  • TELEPHONE:  AT&T 1-800-222-0300, MCI 1-800-950-5555, Sage Telecom 1-888-449-4940

  • TV CABLE:  Adelphia 1-888-683-1000,  Time Warner Cable, 1-800-617-4311  

  • INTERNET:, 740-592-9976, ConnectLink, 1-877-779-5465, FrogNet, 740-593-764, Time Warner Cable, listed above, offers RoadRunner.